Thursday, January 03, 2008

Robert Earl Keen: We had a wonderful time “in the Willie way”...

It's about 20 degrees up here in Michigan tonight, so I'm spinning a Summer song to get my mind off the weather. This is the great Robert Earl Keen, Jr. performing one of his best to a rowdy bunch in Texas.

The highlight is the five-minute introduction in which Keen tells a funny story about the first time he met Willie Nelson. (Thanks to Matt for turning me on to this record.)

Check it out!

Robert Earl Keen - The Road Intro

Robert Earl Keen - The Road Goes On Forever

To hear the encore, buy the album.


Lynchie frae Aberdeen said...

one of the greatest story songs of the past 20 years an more...Keen is a much underrated singer/songwriter...

Anonymous said...

I actually like the studio version of that song as much as the live. My other favorite Keen songs (in no particular order):

Merry Christmas from the Family
Sonora's Death Row
Whenever Kindness Fails
Feelin Good Again
Dreadful Selfish Crime
Front Porch Song (live)
Walking Shoes
Gringo Honeymoon

Some of them are on Live 2, the others are definitely worth the download.

fishspit said...

fishspit here . . . o.k. i wanna talk about john hartford. this may be stupid or crazy but i've been stupid enough to go to prison and crazy enough to spend time in the booby hatch so just let it be.
o.k. i started getting my john hartford c.d.'s. i loooooooooove them. o.k. i can only listen to them in the car because that's the only place i got a c.d. player so it's going slow. stupid me, i've never known what existentialism was until this christmas when this kind lady gave me a book on it. an introduction that explained it all and then the stories. . . so i'm listening to hartford and i'm thinking, this guy is the country existentialist. i had just read a story by sarte (pompous asshole) that re-enacted all the the things that lead up to this character getting caught by the nazi's and then i jump in my car to go get some cigerettes and the hartford song "i would not be here" is playing and it's the exact same story only without the dire consequences. . . it's an existential manifesto . . . hell i couldn't stop going back over my head how i wouldn't be here buying cigerettes if there wasn't a long line of events leading up to it. sounds stupid but so does the existential stuff . . . but if it's so stupid how come it blows me away. i don't know . . . i've always been wary of the educated. . .but hartford is unbelievable. . . actually i've never heard songwriting like a lot of these things. . . .
except for "gentle on my mind"
that has to go down as one of the most insipid songs ever written. . . it's made for mass consumption like coca cola.
thanks for turning me on to this dude.
as far as tom t. hall. . . he's a fucking god. . . turn it on turn it on turn it on is one of the greatest things to ever hear.
i haven't had much time to read your blog as i don't have much computer time. the bosses frown on it. but i'm gonna spend a few minutes here looking about.
fishspit out.

fishspit said...

i found out glen glenn is porter wagoner's cousin and he has records out! i bought a re-issue.
rock-a-billy mostly.
fishspit out

Paul said...

Fishspit: Exellent take on Hartford. Glad you have been converted. Now go spread the word!