Saturday, January 05, 2008

Song Of The Day: Crow Black Chicken

I woke up this morning and started humming this song about chicken pie. I don't know why.

Check it out:

The Bad Livers - Crow Black Chicken (buy album).

This tune comes from the Bad Livers' 1992 debut album, Delusions of Banjer, which is a one-of-a-kind, irreverant bluegrass record. The Bad Livers weren't your typical bluegrass band. They had a "punk" attitude and were musically innovative (as evidenced by the slightly "avante garde" instrumental break starting at about 1:45 of Crow Black Chicken). For more info, read the AMG review, with which I am in complete agreement.

This one comes with STWOF's highest seal of approval!


nicolas said...

This album is really great, I second that !
I love the last song, "Precious Time", which is more classic than the rest but stands out with its simple and beautiful melody and harmonies.