Friday, January 18, 2008

STWOF Music Quiz: Featuring The Millennium & Beck

What do these two great songs have in common? It’s not too tricky if you listen to them, but I’m trying for a gimmick here, so please humor me.

Song No. 1: The Millennium – Prelude/To Claudia On Thursday (buy album).

Forget about the quiz for a second. This song is amazing! The drum sound is so modern that you'd think it came out in the hip-hop era. Actually, its from way back in 1968! Truly a lost classic. Read insightful reviews here, here, and here.

Song No. 2: Beck – Tropicalia (buy album).

I really like this track. Just more evidence of Beck's greatness.

Give up?

The answer to the quiz (and two more mp3s) are HERE (but make sure you listen to both songs before peeking).

By the way, if you come here to this site only because you like old time country music, don't dispair, it will be back soon...

[Note: This was originally posted over at Page 2, but since it was hard to get you all to click over there, I've decided to move it up here. Makes more sense anyway. So the "Page 2" experiment is now officially over.]


Beth said...

I clicked over there!
But good to see even more good stuff on the main page too.

Paul said...

Thanks Beth! I think it will be easier just to put everything in one place, for the most part.

frankenslade said...

I love that Millenium album! So few people know about it.

Paul said...

I think parts of it sound a bit dated, so that might explain its obscurity, but the opening track is way ahead of its time. And there are a few really good 60s pop songs on there. I especially like "It Won't Always Be The Same."