Friday, January 25, 2008

Kinks Covers: The Jam, The Fall, and More!

For regular readers of this blog, its no secret that I'm a big fan of The Kinks. I'd call them a "thinking man's rock band." I guess that would make me a "thinking man," but so be it. I also like The Ramones. Let's not jump to any conclusions.

A fun way to way to explore the quality of a band's songs is by listening to cover versions. Here are some of my favorite Kinks covers:

The Jam – David Watts (buy album).
This song and the album from which it comes, All Mod Cons, are absolutely terrific. If you are a Kinks fan, I guarantee you will love this record. It has much of the same ethic and a timeless sound. Get it ASAP!

(Conversely, if you are a fan of The Jam and have not yet dug into The Kinks' back catalog, you have a fun project waiting for you.)

The Fall – Victoria (buy album).
A superb cover of one of the Kinks best ever songs!

Holly Golightly – Time Will Tell (buy album).
Holly's cover has a real nice retro feel.

Southern Culture On The Skids – Muswell Hillbilly (buy album).

This one takes the country leanings of the Kinks' version and turns them up a notch without losing anything in the process. Good stuff!

Flop – Big Sky (out of print).
This Seattle band was once the next big thing. Here is a rollicking and, perhaps, drunken version of one of the standouts from my favorite Kinks record (Village Green Preservation Society). More info HERE.

For a great fansite with lots of Kinks info, see HERE.

For an interesting article on Ray Davies lyrical themes, read this: Two Walters

What are your favorite Kinks covers? Let me know in the comments section.


colby said...

it was sad for me when i realized i had all the kinks albums. what a fun run it was picking them all up.

oh wait! i forgot about 72-84 kinks. guess i have more work to do.

superb post and fun to listen to!

Peter said...

My favourite Kinks cover is simply one of my favourite songs: "Stop Your Sobbing" by the Pretenders. Sorry I can't send you an mp3, but here's a link to a video of Ray Davies and Damon Albarn doing a pretty nice Waterloo Sunset together, with a bit of Blur's cheerful Park Life at the end:

(I always loved the Kinks, ever since I first heard Tired of Waiting for You as a wee lad. Each next single was always so unexpected, so unique: a universe in itself. Incredible band. Like the Velvet Underground really, in a slightly different mode, but as experimental, as poetic, and with the same absurdly ambitious depth-through-simplicity approach. Saving lives, or preserving them, through rock and roll.)

Paul said...


I love that one too. It will be in my next batch of Kinks covers down the road.

Thanks for your comment.


P.S. No need to send mp3s, just tell me your favorite Kinks cover.

Twinsrule said...

Robbers on High Street from New York did a brilliant cover of The Kinks "Dead End Street" live here in Minneapolis a couple months ago,
including the trombone solo.
It was the best Kinks cover I've ever heard any band perform live.

Anonymous said...


I waited one day (long story) to download The Fall's version of 'Victoria' & now it's gone! Could you possibly keep these links up just a little bit longer (or at least that one?).

Favorite Kinks covers: Kirsty MacColl 'Days', Hugo Largo 'Fancy', Gravenhurst 'See My Friends'.


Paul said...

People, you've got to come early and come often to STWOF if you want to download!!

Victoria is back up for a very short time. Anon, I hope you check back soon.

Anonymous said...

Re: Victoria: Thanks Paul! Really appreciate it, it's great. BTW, I do stop by just about everyday & think this blog is one of the best out there.