Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Webb Pierce - There Stands The Glass

Webb Pierce knew how to live like a honky-tonk star. He owned a guitar-shaped swimming pool and a silver-dollar studded convertible complete with saddle-leather and bull horns on the grill. (Read about his car here.) His biggest hit and best work was this classic country tale about the protagonist's dedication to booze.

Webb Pierce - There Stands The Glass (buy album).

There stands the glass, fill it up to the brim,
'til my troubles grow dim, it’s my first one today…

The steel guitar intro is great, but it's note-for-note the same as the intro to Lefty Frizzell's Always Late With Your Kisses.


blasters said...

love this song

love the john doe version too
as well as the ted hawkins and jerry lee lewis takes on this classic

thanks again

nicolas said...

I love that vocal line starting with this high-pitched note.

I discovered this song through Ted Hawkins' version. Ted Hawkins was an afro-american former sreet musician in Venice, Ca who sang on his acoustic guitar and who died in 1995 after recording a handful of albums in the '80s and '90s.

I didn't know it was a country song because Hawkins sang it in a r&b way, and I didn't know it was by Webb Pierce until I discovered it a few days ago.

Great song. A few weeks ago you were asking about the perfect "classic" country song. I think this one could be a good be a good candidate.

Dave said...

That has been "our song" for my wife and I for nearly 30 years now. It was a staple for George Bedard and the Bonnevilles in the early '80s and still gets played regularly around Ann Arbor, either by George with Drivin Sideways or by the Humminbirds.

Interesting note on the intro, I'll have to check that out.