Wednesday, April 09, 2008

As of this moment, I am that second mouse

Reader Robert from Reno sent over a couple of Van Morrison cover versions of recent songs featured here at STWOF. They’re both from Van's 2006 foray into country music called Pay The Devil. I think these tracks are pretty darn good:

Van Morrison – There Stands The Glass

Van Morrison – Your Cheatin’ Heart

(buy album).

Thanks Robert!


Dave said...

Hello, I agree. This was a somewhat underrated album. Not everything works but I think these two songs in particular do. Pardon the clumsy writing. I don't know if you've heard Ted Hawkins' cover of There Stands...
off of his live album, but it is terrific. Love the blog.

Dave D. said...

Uh oh, this site has gotten so big we have two "Daves" commenting now.

It took awhile for Pay the Devil to grow on me, but I ended up really liking it. My personal favorites are Things Have Gone to Pieces (another Leon Payne tune for you, Paul) and Until I Gain Control Again. For those who like this album, there are two different lives shows from this time period that occasionally show up on PBS: one from the Ryman and the other at Austin City limits. Both are highly recommended.

Katie said...

Hmm... Not sure if I'm feelin' these, Van. said...

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rm said...

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Paul said...

Just to be clear, and to avoid any miscommunication, I have not posted any pirate copies of Keep It Simple. The two Van Morrison tracks that I did post were only on-line for a short time and were removed long before this e-mail was sent.