Friday, April 04, 2008

Hank Cover Friday - Your Cheatin' Heart

Enough with the niche artists! If I want to take this blog somewhere, I'm gonna need to bring out the big guns. So here they are. Three legends singing Hank's biggest hit:

Elvis Presley - Your Cheatin' Heart (buy album).

Patsy Cline - Your Cheatin' Heart (buy album).

Ray Charles - Your Cheatin' Heart (buy album).

I like all three. What's your favorite cover version of this song?


Ramone666 said...

This is one of these songs you can´t possible improve upon, even if you´re Elvis or brother Ray. Hanks´ version is the first and ultimate. Like, more niche artists please...

boyhowdy said...

As a coverblogger, I'm of the mind that no song is truly uncoverable. But I agree that this one's in the "hard to do justice to" category for sure.

Beck does an acceptable version of Your Cheatin' Heart, a bit like the Hank on Robitussin...I'm especially fond of Van Morrison's take, off Pay The Devil, as well.

Robby said...

I love Beck's version, too.

Anonymous said...

The 60s soul singer Bobby Powell did a pretty great version too.