Friday, April 04, 2008

Get this over with I tee off in an hour!!!

I think this is what rock and roll is supposed to sound like:

The Replacements - Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out (buy album).

Here's another one from the same classic album:

The Replacements - Unsatisfied (buy album).

Everyone who likes rock music needs to own a copy of The Replacements Let It Be. But if you've already waited this long you might as well hold out for the forthcoming DELUXE re-issue due on April 22.

Go to Sound Opinions for a classic-album-dissection podcast about Let It Be.


LD said...

Not only do I own this, I have it on beautiful blue vinyl! Hard to think of many records from the '80s that are more essential than this one ... although, if push comes to shove, Hootenanny is my go-to Mats.

"Meet me anyplace or anywhere or anytime ..."

Al said...

About f-ing time. Where's that Mats box set I've been waiting for since the mid 90's?

LD said...

I think the Mats box set is at some dive bar getting drunk with the Neil Young box set.