Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hank Cover Friday* - You Win Again

Here's another one of the great Hank songs. The first version is by Johnny Cash, who needs no introduction:

Johnny Cash – You Win Again (buy album).

The second version is courtesy of Tim, who sent this over to me earlier this week. Jerry nails this tune:

Jerry Garcia - You Win Again (buy album).

(*I'm a day late posting this because I had to clean out my garage, but I got a few good post ideas listening to music while sorting out that mess, so stay tuned.)


LD said...

Man, you can bring this full circle and post Jerry Lee's version, which I'm pretty sure was his first single on Sun. An amazing version and probably my fave.

Pete Shanks said...

Thanks again, as ever. I'll also put in a plug for Keef Richard's version (on the Timeless set of covers).