Saturday, February 02, 2008

You Whispered At Horse's Ears

Don't let the first track throw you. Notwithstanding the typically old and twangy nature of this space, rest assured that your proprietor is hep to all the latest tunes flowing through the internets. Here's a funny one from The Teenagers about their favorite starlet, Scarlett:

The Teenagers - Starlett Johansson (buy mp3 album).

Favorite line: "You whispered at horse's ears." (That's just genius. They could have said "in," but they said "at." Perfect.)

Read more about The Teenagers here: MySpace. And jump on The Teenagers' bandwagon here and here. (Download the song "Homecoming" for more fun.)

The real Scarlett would probably prefer these songs:

Tom Waits – Rain Dogs (buy album).
Tom Waits – Tom Traubert's Blues (buy album).

The first comes from Waits' tour de fource 1985 album by the same name. The organ intro is amazing. Actually, the whole darn album is musically and lyrically stunning. It's a STWOF Five-star must buy!

The second song comes from Tom Waits' early-period masterpiece, Small Change. Both of these albums have been regulars on the STWOF turntable for years, especially while enjoying a spot of Bushmills.

What's the connection between Tom & Scarlett, you ask? Well, if you haven't heard already, check this out: Scarlett Johansson Covers Tom Waits. Of course, the definitive female-artist-Tom-Waits-cover-album has already been made:

Holly Cole – I Don't Want To Grow Up (buy album).

And here are three more great songs with a Scarlett Johansson connection:

Pretenders – Brass In Pocket (buy album). (video).
Roxy Music - More Than This (buy album). (video).
Elvis Costello - What's So Funny About Peace, Love, and Understanding? (buy album). (video).

For further info on Ms. Johansson, check out: Movie Hotties

And finally, in honor of That Truncheon Thing (a superb music blog that officially closed its doors this week), enjoy some live Elvis Costello: Elvis Costello - You Belong To Me (Live). If you've never been to TTT, get there now while all the great music is still available. There are some fantastic rock bootlegs to be had.


Dave said...

Thanks for the link to That Truncheon Thing! Great stuff there.

The Scarlett pictures weren't too hard to take, either.

Paul said...

Your welcome. I've always been partial to Scarlett myself (ever since I saw Lost In Translation).

The guys who run TTT said they would keep the mp3 links up for awhile, but their hosting plan will run out eventually, so get what you can now. I've found tons of great stuff there. And the writing is top notch too.

Silent 3 said...

Scarlett was in a great sleeper film called "Ghostworld"

It was very early in her career.

It's a good movie; check it ouy.

Andrew said...

hey! please check out my Remix of Starlett Johansson by The Teenagers.