Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stuck under my good old desk...

Hello loyal readers, last week's spree of posts has left me buried under a stack of work, so I need to catch up on my "real" job for the next few days. But don't fret, I've got a lot of interesting posts "in the pipeline."

See the list at the bottom of the sidebar for a preview of coming attractions.

Until then, enjoy this cheerful little pop ditty:

Harry Nilsson - Good Old Desk (buy album).

Here's the video (thanks to "anonymous" for pointing it out):


bredan said...

sweet looking pipeline. i just told my buddy i need to do some serious clarence white research so i'll wait for you.

and obvs the guy clark, flatlanders, tom t. and pre sweetheart are heavy interesters as well. wow.

Anonymous said...


Paul said...

Thanks for the great video clip.

Dave said...

The Caitlin Rose EP arrived today and is surprisingly good. There are definite shades of Iris DeMent throughout - but without the astringency that makes my wife run screaming from the room when Iris is playing. The production is low key, all the better to let her voice come through. Five original and two covers (Dead Flowers and Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray). The writing is a little uneven, but there's certainly many more high than low points.

Overall, it's not Sunny Sweeney "Omigod, there's hope for the future of country music" good, but I definitely plan on picking up the full length CD when it comes out.