Saturday, February 16, 2008

Michael Stipe Sings Moby Grape

Time for a quickie post.

Here is the original version of Omaha by Moby Grape from 1967 and a cover version by The Golden Palominos (featuring Michael Stipe on vocals) from 1985:

Moby Grape – Omaha (buy album).
The Golden Palominos – Omaha.

The Golden Palominos' track comes from the star-studded album Visions of Excess which is out of print.

The players on this Golden Palominos track are:

Michael Stipe - Vocals
Chris Stamey - Guitars, Piano
Henry Kaiser - Guitars
Bill Laswell - Bass
Anton Fier - Drums

Check the sidebar for a completely different song, also called Omaha...


Dan said...

Loved that Golden Palominos record. Along with Stipe, John Lydon sang vocals on a song and Syd Straw on another and probably some others that I'm forgetting. Good stuff.

Paul said...

Thanks for the comment Dan. This is one of the few autographed albums I have (Fier, Stamey, Straw, and Worrell - no Stipe or Lydon). Saw them in Ann Arbor in the mid-80s but honestly don't remember much about the show.

jwroblewski said...

Didn't Bob Mould sing a track on here too? I remember getting it when it came out, and really liking it, but I must've sold it at some point - probably for rent or beer money.

Man, I wish I had it now.

brendan said...

i felt my heart sink when you said you had an autographed copy of Moby Grape s/t. you didn't,.. but i wish you did, it's one of my all times.

Paul said...

I wish.