Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Title Track

What's the purpose of this site? It's just a fun way for me to get the word out about music that I like. I want to help people discover good stuff and learn more about music.

For starters, you should check out the song that inspired the name of this blog. From Hank Sr., himself: Settin' the Woods on Fire (buy album).


davesap said...

Love the idea. Can't listen to it at work because of a firewall, but I'm always interested in seeing what my friends are listening to in music. I remember you commented on one of my mixes that I played on poker night. It's called, "Who You Calling Punk". Here are the tracks.
Video Killed the Radio Star 4:14 Buggles
(You Leave Me) Breathless 2:18 X
Christine 2:59 Siouxsie and the Banshees
Psycho Killer 4:21 Talking Heads
Brass in Pocket 3:05 Pretenders
(Tell Me Why) I Don't Like Mondays 4:19 Boomtown Rats
Where Were You Hiding? 2:57 Alarm
London Calling 3:21 Clash
X Offender 3:21 Blondie
My Beach 1:49 Surf Punks
Only a Lad 3:50 Oingo Boingo
Institutionalized 3:30 Suicidal Tendencies
All the People Who Died 5:00 Jim Carroll
I Want Candy 2:45 Bow Wow Wow
We Got the Beat 2:33 Go-Gos
Rock Lobster 4:54 B-52's
Black Coffee in Bed 4:00 Squeeze
Tainted Love 2:43 Soft Cell
Town Called Malice 2:54 Jam
I Confess 4:31 English Beat
Free Nelson Mandela 4:34 Specials

Paul said...

Hey thanks davesap! I remember that great playlist. Definitely sounds like a future post here! Thanks for checking out the blog.