Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Thanks for playing all that Tom T."

Here is a blurb from one of my favorite books:

“After I drank a little, I went over to the jukebox and put some money in to help pass the time and help take my mind off thoughts of Mildred. They had fourteen Tom T. Hall songs, and I played every one of them. It seemed to put everybody in a good mood. I noticed several people looking at me kindly, as if to say thanks for playing all that Tom T.” Larry Brown, Big Bad Love, p 53.

I'm in full agreement with the folks in that Mississippi bar. Always use your quarters on Tom T. Hall. You won’t be disappointed.

Check it out here: Tom T. Hall - I Hope It Rains At My Funeral. (buy album).

The Whiskeytown version is pretty good too: Whiskeytown - I Hope It Rains At My Funeral. (buy album).

UPDATE!: Here's a fun track sent over by the good folks at The Rising Storm (a site worth checking out): It's the Flatlanders' version of this site's title track (buy album).

More Tom T. coming in the next few weeks...


brendan said...

I scored a bunch of 8-tracks once with some Tom T. Hall but I've never listened. Will have to now. Saw this site on 'private' mode and I was trying to find a way in! Ever hear the Flatlanders do your title track? They do other good Hank as well. Dobro Trouble loves Hank too. I'm heavy into country and bluegrass lately, so let it ride. btw, get morning bugle.

Paul said...


Thanks for the comment. I don't know why it said "private." I started it that way for a day, then switched to "anybody can view." I am very new at this but learning every day!

I love the Flatlanders but never heard them do any Hank. Would love to get that.

I like a lot of different kinds of music, but have a real soft spot for old country and bluegrass. Tom T. Hall is a hero of mine almost on the level of Hank himself. You'll love discovering more of his stuff. I'll post more too.

brendn said...

Well it's got to be here though, don't it.

The Flatlanders - Settin' The Woods On Fire
from the worthwhile Live '72 release.

Paul said...

Sounds great. Thanks!