Friday, October 26, 2007

Outlaw for your love?

"If it's so, well, let me know; If it's no, well, I can go" - Thirteen

The blog is off to a pretty good start, I think. Great comments and some fun interaction with other bloggers. But it's really been a lot of work! Anyway, my real job and family are calling me back to reality now (plus I have a single malt wiskey tasting to attend this evening), so I've got to step back from the world of blogging for a few days.

Before taking the weekend off, I thought I would leave you with my No. 1 favorite pop song, which is Thirteen on Big Star's classic #1 Record (buy album).

The melody, instrumentation, lyrics, and delivery are all spot on. Read the AMG review here. There are many cover versions (Garbage, Elliot Smith, Wilco, Evan Dando) but none capture the feeling as well as the original masterpiece. Hard to believe that its sung by the same guy who sang "The Letter" for the Box Tops.

Just listen and enjoy. And have a nice weekend!


Ginny said...

Oh god, much love for this song. Never, ever gets old. I like the blog!

Paul said...

Thanks ginny!

frankenslade said...

Awesome track indeed from my favorite Big Star album!

Glenn said...

Aw yeah, this is a great