Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two Favorites From 2007

Here are two of my favorite albums from this year, so far:

Check out Die Die Die; twangy pop from the North Carolina trio The Avett Brothers. On the album "Emotionalsim."
(buy album)

Check out the song "Heretics" here from Andrew Bird's new album "Armchair Apocrypha." (buy album)


davesap said...

Here's some relatively new music that I've been listening to that is off the beaten track.
Boom Boom 4:23 Chayanne Simplemente (Bonus Version)
this song and the next one are songs I like to run to.
Don't Stop 3:51 Brazilian Girls Brazilian Girls
Hollywood Signs 2:19 Exene Cervenka & The Original Sinners Former X singer with a solo album
Hoya Hoye 4:07 Bole 2 Harlem Infectious world music. Gotta listen to this track and the next one
Adir Adirim 5:19 featuring Victoria Hanna Balkan Beat Box Gimme Shelter (Featuring Joss Stone) 4:08 Angelique Kidjo featuring Joss Stone Not sure how new this is, but a great cover of The Rolling Stones
Save Me from Myself 3:13 Christina Aguilera Okay, not off the beaten track, but I actually like this pop song.
Cool Jerk 2:31 The Go-Go's Definitely not a new song, but this song from their original EP rocks
50's French Movie 2:59 Carrie Rodriguez Seven Angels On a Bicycle Try this alt country song
Summertime 4:56 Billy Stewart Also not a new song, but a soulful cover of this classic
1985 Bowling for Soup Since this is my class year, you have to listen to this.