Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Slow Down

Lazy Days

I've got a lot of non-blogging activities planned for the next couple of months, so things are going to be kind of slow around here for awhile. The first thing on my "to do" list is get in some canoeing Up North.

Get The Feed!

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Country Lovefeed

Another feed worth getting is my "Country Lovefeed," which uses the Hype Machine search feature to create a feed of classic country music from across the web. You can also view the Country Lovefeed by clicking on the singing cowboy in the sidebar. To subscribe just type "" into your reader.

(Note: The Country Lovefeed is a work in progress. If you want me to add some more artists to the search, just drop me a line and I'll think about it.)

And Now For Some Music

Here are three great posts from around the world of music blogs: (1) Johnny Cash with the Carter Family (Live), (2) Bob Dylan in his prime, and (3) the amazing Clarence White. Check 'em out!

Speaking of Clarence White, here's a great track from Paul Siebel's second album featuring Clarence on guitar:

Paul Siebel – Pinto Pony (buy)


Anonymous said...

Just looked at the other folks who were backing Siebel. It's a veritable who's who!

* Paul Siebel - guitar, vocals
* Clarence White - guitar
* Robert Warford - guitar
* Buddy Emmons - steel guitar
* David Grisman - mandolin
* Jim Buchanan - violin, viola
* Doug Kershaw - fiddle
* Billy Wolfe - bass
* Bernie Leadon - guitar
* Gary White - bass
* Ralph Shuckett - organ, piano
* Russ Kunkel - drums

Dang! Why haven't we heard more about Siebel? Thanks for the introduction!

Divinyl said...

Loving the Hype feed Paul! Had noticed a couple of people coming to my site from there in my stats, but didn't realise that it was you! :o) Some cracking songs!

Paul said...

Hi Divinyl! We miss you at SMM. Where ya been?

Paul said...


That's a pretty great list. Thanks for posting. You can't go wrong with the Paul Siebel two-fer CD linked in the post. It's classic through and through.

Divinyl said...

Hey :o)

I'm still knocking around, don't worry...I haven't given up the ghost on SMM, I assure you. I just kind of have a lot on my plate in 'real life' right now! Something's had to take a back seat lately, and I've been trying to keep my own blog going as much as possible (although I still haven't completed the 50 states, despite all the songs and pictures being ready in the posts...they just need prose!).

I'll be back on board soon. I have a couple of reviews that I promised others ages ago, and my dad's coming to see Watermelon Slim with me this coming weekend, so I need to have a 3 day tidying binge before he gets here! My house would be condemned by the Health Protection Agency if they ever saw it...seriously :o(