Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Shady Grove at Nine Bullets

One of these days I meant to do a post about the old song Shady Grove. Luckily, the excellent Nine Bullets blog beat me to it. So now I just have to point you over there.

For a whole mess of Shady Groves and the story of its history, check out the post at Nine Bullets.

And here's one more version, from The Blood Oranges, that escaped the Nine Bullets list:

The Blood Oranges - Shady Grove (buy).

This is the first version of Shady Grove that I ever heard:

The band in this clip is The Dillards.


Dave D. said...

Perhaps in anticipation of this very post, I just YouTubed Alison Krause doing Matty Groves as part of the Raising Sand tour (3:10 into the following clip):


Happy In Bag said...

Thomas Hart Benton!


Paul said...

I know. Isn't that the coolest picture. It was used for the Blood Oranges album cover. A real eye-catcher.

frankenslade said...

The Blood Oranges were a pretty cool band!