Friday, July 04, 2008

STWOF Fourth of July Mix

Before I take the family over to mom and dad’s for a BBQ, here's a 4th of July mix:

Mickey Newbury – An American Trilogy (buy album)
Albert Brooks – Phone Call To Americans (out of print)
Merle Haggard – The Fightin’ Side Of Me (buy album)
X – 4th Of July (Demo) (buy album)
MC5 – Back In The USA (buy album)
Frank Sinatra – The House I Live In (Live) (buy album)
Townes Van Zandt – Ballad Of Ira Hayes (Live) (buy album)
Paul Simon – American Tune (Unfinished Demo) (buy album)
Tom Petty – American Girl (buy album)
Billy Joe Shaver – Good Ol’ USA (buy album)
The Hollies – 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) (buy album)


godoggo said...

I guess "American Ruse" wouldn't have been vey July Fourthy.

Anonymous said...

I adore X's Fourth of July. Thank you!!

wzjn said...

Nice slice you're serving up here! MC5, X, the Simon demo and Hollies are nice and raw! The mix as a whole is primo. You have something special here.

Divinyl said...

Nice! Some very good calls, my friend...and a couple that are new to me, to boot! :o)

Grumpies said...

Is that some kind of regional thing? I've never seen anyone eat a hotdog like that: mustard, tomato, chopped onions dill pickle, sweet pickle, did I miss anything? I can't wait to try it.

Paul said...

Grumpies - Yes. It's a Chicago-style dog and it's delicious! You need celery salt and a couple small serrano hot peppers. Best served on a poppy seed bun.