Thursday, July 03, 2008

He's seen the hawk fly high to hail the setting sun.

The Smoke – My Friend Jack (buy album)

This song by The Smoke is stuck in my head right now.

Has been all week.

What song gets stuck in your head?


Iren said...

lately it's been The Devils Bed by a AZ group called The Earps

boyhowdy said...

On good days: Tennessee, by Mindy Smith, from last year's Long Island Shores. Let me know if you need it.

On bad days: either "animal crackers in my soup" or "baby beluga". Man, you try to influence your kids' choice in music, and then some pre-school teachin' bee-yotch with a jingle and a smile comes along and messes their ears all up.

wzjn said...

I have songs by Moon Martin. Specifically, "Rolene" and "Cadillac Walk"

Anonymous said...

Right now I've got "4th of July, Asbury Park" in my head because I just saw it on your page. However, when I do get a song stuck in my head and I want it out I'll just think about a little bit of "In The Ghetto," and poof - it's gone.

iain said...

Wow...I had this very same song stuck in my head last week. Today, I came across your blog as a recommendation in Google Reader - and this is the first post I read! Thanks for the download!