Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Sensitive Side Of Outlaw Country

Here's a wistful tune from one of Waylon’s must-own albums, Dreaming My Dreams (1975):

Waylon Jennings – Dreaming My Dreams With You (buy album)

I hope that I won't be that wrong anymore,
And maybe I've learned this time.
I hope that I find what I'm reaching for,
The way that it is in my mind.

Someday I'll get over you.
I'll live to see it all through.
But I'll always miss,
Dreaming my dreams with you.

But I won't let it change me,
Not if I can.
I'd rather believe in love.
And give it away as much as I can,
To those that I'm fondest of.
This song seems like it was written for the purpose of one day being covered by The Cowboy Junkies (even though they didn't yet exist at the time). Luckily, they came along in 1988 to record it as part of their famous L.P. The Trinity Session:

The Cowboy Junkies – Dreaming My Dreams With You (buy album)

*** Update ***

The anonymous commenter reminded me of Chuck Prophet’s cover:

Chuck Prophet – Dreaming My Dreams With You

Read about Prophet’s limited-edition take on Waylon here.

And here’s a bonus track from Prophet’s excellent 2004 L.P. Age Of Miracles:

Chuck Prophet – Age Of Miracles (buy album)


Anonymous said...

The Trinity Sessions is one of those albums with a beautiful, hauntingly unique sound which would be near impossible to ever re-create,(though I confess to not having heard Trinity Revisited).
There is also an endearingly sincere version of 'Dreaming My Dreams' on Chuck Prophet's Waylon tribute album 'Dreaming Waylon's Dreams' that's well worth checking out.

Jason said...

I don't know how I never found this site til today,but I'm glad I did. There's some great old music on here. Reminds me of listening to KVOO back in my younger days,hearing real country music.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul for posting Chuck Prophet's version which rounds off another great post nicely. Hope he also gets due credit for his brilliant work alongside Alejandro Escovedo on his new album 'Real Animal' which from what I've heard so far is up there with Alejandro Escovedo's best. Love the cover shot on Age Of Miracles by the way.
I'm sure that's where Primal Scream
got their inspiration for using that same shot on their 'Country Girl' single in 2006 unless someone
can tell me it was used before.

Lynchie fae Aberdeen said...

Waylon's voice is the best for this song. It's just achingly beautiful and haunting. And the fade is superb. But I have to say the Cowboy Junkies comes a very close 2nd...

Payton said...

check out the woman that waylon was singing to - singing it back to him after his death

Jessi Colter - Dreaming My Dreams

its from a tribute concert put on by just about everyone in the Texas/Red Dirt scene.
Red River Tribute

skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

gotta love Waylon. Someday I'll make it to his gravesite in Mesa, AZ. It's only about 30 miles away. My roommate is in LOVE with Waylon.