Sunday, June 08, 2008

Favorite Country Artist Results, Nos. 60-51

Here’s your No. 51 most favorite, Mr. Gene Clark

The results are in! Thank you for your votes. I’ll be revealing the final totals in groups of ten, starting with Numbers 60 through 51. Here’s the first batch.

51. Gene Clark
52. Terry Allen
53. Son Volt
54. Alison Krauss
55. Kitty Wells
56. Robbie Fulks
57. Merle Travis
58. Webb Pierce
59. The Dixie Chicks
60. George Strait

Now enjoy a great song from this batch:

Terry Allen – Great Joe Bob (A Regional Tragedy) (buy album)

If you’re not familiar with the multi-talented Terry Allen, You need to get your hands on his masterpiece Lubbock (On Everything) right away!

He dated high-tone girls with frosty pom-pom curls,
But he never gave out his ring.
He was the best of the best,
He met the gridiron test,
And there ain't nothing as American and clean...


brendan said...

Yeah Gene! Terry Allen is a genius as well.. but I feel a fool for not voting Webb Pierce. He deserves to be higher I think.

Paul said...

I was very happy that Gene and Terry made it into the final results. They're both underrated.

Webb deserves to be higher just for his fancy car with the longhorn hood ornament, his guitar-shaped pool, and the Nudie suits. Not to mention some great honky tonk.