Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Favorite Country Artist Results, Nos. 30-21

Lefty comes limping in at 27… (Time for a boost on STWOF!)

21. Doug Sahm
22. Jimmie Rodgers
23. Old Crow Medicine Show
24. Lyle Lovett
25. Iris Dement
26. Tom T. Hall
27. Lefty Frizzell
28. Ralph Stanley/Stanley Brothers
29. Roger Miller
30. Marty Robbins

Keeping up with the Texas theme, here’s one from your No. 24, Lyle Lovett.

The guy with the funny hair who once was married to Julia Roberts is responsible for some amazing country songs. This song, for instance, is just brilliant:

Lyle Lovett – God Will (buy album)

Who keeps on trusting you
When you've been cheating
And spending your nights on the town
And who keeps on saying that he still wants you
When you're through running around
And who keeps on loving you
When you've been lying
Saying things ain't what they seem
God does
But I don't
God will
But I won't
And that's the difference
Between God and me
And here’s bonus track from another legend of Texas country music, your No. 21 most favorite country artist, Doug Sahm:

Doug Sahm – Wolverton Mountain (out of print).

I got this track from LD over at The Adios Lounge, which is a must-stop on my music blog surfing schedule. Be sure to check out his recent post on Doug Sahm.