Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Favorite Country Artist Results, Nos. 40-31

The Father of Bluegrass just barely made it into the Top 40...

31. Tammy Wynette
32. Roseanne Cash
33. Kris Kristofferson
34. Jerry Jeff Walker
35. Randy Travis
36. John Hartford
37. The Flatlanders
38. Ray Charles
39. Jason & The Scorchers
40. Bill Monroe

If you couldn’t tell by the last two featured songs, I’m in a Texas mood this week.

Today’s featured Texan is the one and only Jerry Jeff Walker (from New York). One of the reasons I picked Jerry Jeff for today is because fellow Texan Ray Wylie Hubbard (from Oklahoma) did not make the Top 60. Here’s Walker performing the Hubbard-penned indictment of all those mothers who raised their sons so well:

Jerry Jeff Walker – Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother (buy album)

This song is available on Jerry Jeff’s must-own live album Viva Terlingua.

M is for the Mudflaps you give me for my pickup truck
O is for the Oil I put on my hair
T is for T-bird
H is for Haggard
E is for Eggs, and
R is for REDNECK!


Matt said...

Wow. Jason and the Scorchers ahead of Bill Monroe? I wouldn't have thought that. Wait... I voted for Jason and the Scorchers but not Bill Monroe. I guess I did think that.
I can't wait to see the next installment.

hardgoldenarms said...

I love and agree with this list so much it is sick and coincidental. I feel like our preferences were cooked from the same batter. So great..

Anyways, I thought of "Setting The Woods on Fire" recently when i saw these guys in philly: http://www.myspace.com/thehumblefishermen

They were drunker than hell but making really interesting music. Making quite a buzz out there, but elusive as hell with press. I’m irreversibly converted, now. Think 90’s - Soft Bulletin, Palace Brothers, etc. , “A Pre Vampire Weekend” heaven. Really cool stuff.

I'm usually one of those secret readers, but I can't shut up about this. I was wondering if you know anything about them. You usually have a good grip on obscure avant-garde folk/country happenings. Well this is the truth. These guys will make the album of this decade.

The main thing, though, is these are the guys who supposedly Howie Day had to get a restraining order on because they were harassing, prank calling, and heckling him like non-stop as a joke. Goofy geniuses, I guess.

So, basically, I’m in.

paul said...

Hey Matt, I think Jason and the Scorchers are worthy of their ranking, which they got thanks in part to your vote. I was tempted to put them in my top 10.

Hardgoldenarms - Thanks for the kind words, the great comment, and the tip on that band. They sound cool. Plus I like a band that drinks.