Monday, December 15, 2008

A Matter Of Time

I was scanning through my Google Reader this evening when I came across William’s great remembrance/review of Los Lobos’ 1984 release How Will The Wolf Survive over at Blues Booze Books and Bobs. There’s no point in me repeating everything he wrote, since you can just check it out there, but I do want to offer a hearty “second” to his post.

How Will The Wolf Survive has long been one of my favorite albums. It had a constant presence on my turntable during my first year of college in Ann Arbor. Twenty-four years later (YIKES), it still sounds as fresh as it did then, which isn't something I can say about most of my 1980’s favorites.

Here's a good one:

Los Lobos - A Matter Of Time (buy album)


WILLIAM T. VOGT, JR. said...

Paul, thanks for the shout out. I have been playing the album over and over for the last week. Brilliant stuff. Hopefully, we can turn some people on to it.

Happy Holidays. Will

Vaughn said...

Los Lobos are the best torch bearers of what The Band started in the late 60's: Good, honest Americana that encompasses all of musical fabric Rock N' Roll.
Vastly under-appreciated IMHO.
David Hildago is one of the best singer/instrumentalists of the last 30 years.

Duncanmusic said...

You know what I would like to find again (in any form) that I used to own was the 12" EP Slash/Warners promo for this LP that had both, yes BOTH versions of "Will the Wolf Survive" (plus one other song whose name excapes me)...the original recorded for the LP and a remix with John Hiatt's vocals added...whaddaya know about that one Paul...

Anonymous said...

Probably my favourite Los Lobos album along with By The Light Of The Moon. Does anyone remember the brilliant 'One Time One Night' used as an intro to L.A Gang film Colors in the late 80's(starring Sean Penn). Saw them playing live recently in Murcia Park, Southern Spain. whilst on vacation. Didn't even know they were playing til I saw a poster on a billboard. Topped off a great 2 weeks, a real bonus.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just stumbled across this blog (link from a link from a link, etc.) and saw the cover of Will the Wolf Survive and it brought back such a swell remembrance of turning on to the Lobos in 1985. They were and remain my favorite band (seriously, of all time.) Whenever I go to a show, and they kick my ass, so to speak, and it's in a little club like the Paradise in Boston, I feel like I belong to the greatest secret club on Earth. I hope you don't mind if I bookmark your site and check back. Anybody who digs Los Lobos is aces in my book.
Cindy R.