Saturday, November 29, 2008

News & Notes

You Send It: You may have noticed that I've been using for recent mp3s. That's because (1) I'm downplaying the mp3 format in favor of more mixed tapes/podcasts and (2) the money is a little tight right now and is free. Songs are available for 7 days.

Example: Kinky Friedman - Top Ten Commandments (buy album)

New Blogroll: The blogroll has been updated with lot's of great new stuff for you to explore.

Acclaimed Music, Adios Lounge, A Fifty Cent Lighter, AM Then FM, An Aquarium Drunkard, Art Decade, A Truer Sound, Bag Of Songs, Big Rock Candy Mountain, Bleedin' Out, Blues Booze Books & Bobs, Bongo Jazz A Speciality, Boogie Woogie Flu, Cable & Tweed, Captain’s Dead, Cardboard Gods, Ceci n'est pas un blog, College Crowd Digs Me, Cover Freak, Cover Lay Down, Culture Bully, Devil's Music, Doctor Mooney's 115th Dream, Echoes In The Wind, Expecting Rain, Fits & Starts, For The Sake Of The Song, Funky 16 Corners, Geezer Music Club, Gentlebear, Harry's Music, Honey, Where You Been So Long?, Ill Folks, Joe Sixpack's Guide To Hick Music, Keep The Coffee Coming, Late Greats, Living In Stereo, Locust Street, Lonesome Music, Moistworks, Mojo Repair Shop, Motel De Moka, Muruch, My Aimz Is True, My Little Ghost Friend, Nine Bullets, Old Blue Bus, One Lonely Horn, Postmodern Sounds In Country, Powerpopulist, Pretty Goes With Pretty, Rag Mama Rag, Randy & Earl's Old Record Club, Retro Music Snob, Rising Storm, Riverboat Captain, River's Invitation, Rock Town Hall, Snuh, Song By Toad, So Well Remembered, Spread The Good Word!, Star Maker Machine, Strawberry Flats, That Off The Wall Jive, There Stands The Glass, There's Always Someone Cooler, This Mornin' I Am Born Again, This Recording, Timedoor, Tsururadio, Tuning Room, Twang Nation, Visions And Revisions, When You Awake, 77 Santas

(If your great music site is not listed, it's probably just due to my negligence.)

Random Links: From now on, look for more links to interesting articles, You Tube videos, and great posts at other blogs. It's easier than doing all the work myself and a great way to highlight cool things.

Guest Posts: Speaking of other great blogs, I have been and will be posting on some other (better) blogs than this one. Last week I did a review over at The Rising Storm and I've got something in the works right now for For The Sake Of The Song.

Current Favorite Movie Line:

"This aggression will not stand man."