Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's too old and cold and settled in its ways here...

Today, This Recording has a really nice piece on Joni Mitchell, of whom I've been enamored for years.

Also check out For The Sake Of The Song, which features a few choice tunes from the "Second Frets Sets" bootleg.

For those of you in Detroit, here's an interesting article about Joni's time living in the Motor City.

Finally, here's one more tune from Joni's "Second Fret Sets" boot, in which Joni explains an interesting songwriting technique that she copied from Bob Dylan: Mr. Blue

Let's hear it for Joni!


godoggo said...


I love Joni, especially her Jaco-era stuff.

Rowing and Sowing said...

This is the greatest place I've found in.... in years. I stumbled upon it searching for Johnny Cash, and lemme tell ya ..... damn if I ain't enjoyed the hell outta this place. This is the best damn place I've seen (heard) in a long time, and that's no joke. I could sit here all night on this blog reading and listening to this great stuff and get absolutely nothing done, and... I think I'll do just that.

I just had to say thank you for giving me a wonderful moment (actually wonderful hours since I discovered STWOF.)

Pardon the mouth - I'm kinda the excitable kind, especially when listening to great tunes like I've found here.