Monday, November 24, 2008

Links: Anatomy Of A Flop

Today, one of may favorite websites for intelligent rock music discussion, Rock Town Hall, shines a light on one of my favorite jangly 80’s bands, the dB’s.

Go to this RTH post to find a link over to an interesting NY Times Article by dB’s frontman Peter Holsapple called “Anatomy of a Flop.” (And be sure to bookmark Rock Town Hall while you are there.)


Vaughn said...

The db's were one of my favorite bands in the 80's. Their first two records, STANDS FOR DECIBELS and REPERCUSSION are well worth seeking out (I think you can buy them on CD as a "twofer"). After Chris Stamey left, the loss of the "Lennon/McCartney" relationship that he shared with Holsapple just dried up the magic of the band for me. LIKE THIS is okay but it can't compare to the earlier output.

frankenslade said...

Right on, Vaughn! The first two albums are essential.

Paul said...

I'm sure you guys are right about the first two albums. I can see that from an objective standpoint. But I discovered the dB's through the second two albums, so they have a sentimental appeal to me.

They're really all quite good. Like This has the most dated production, but the songs are pretty solid.