Friday, April 03, 2009

That's the spirit, Woody

If you've been paying attention to the news, you may know things have been pretty rough here in Detroit lately, and they're probably about to get rougher. I don't want to be too doom-and-gloomy, but it's looking like the "Dust Bowl" of the 1930s may be replaced by the "Rust Bowl" of the 2010s

If the U.S. automakers start going through bankruptcy, a lot of people around here are going to be looking to relocate, but its not clear where they'll be able to go, or what they'll leave behind. Anyway, it's got me a concerned (and listening to Woody Guthrie).

Like the protagonist in Woody's song, we Detroiters are going to have to try to keep a positive attitude and perservere:

Woody Guthrie - Dust Can't Kill Me (buy)

Talk about a tale of woe...

The photos used in this post come for a recent photo essay appearing in Time magazine.

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