Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Has Sprung (You Can Feel The Magic In The Air)

The music selection: SDQ

This past Friday night was the first warm evening of the year up here in Michigan, so I decided to light the charcoal and enjoy some fermented malt with hops (and a slice of orange).

I'm writing this post because the evening's music selection, the Sir Douglas Quintet, hit a perfect note for my Spring time festivities. As I kicked back on the patio in my shorts, while taking in the laid-back tones of the SDQ (along with my delicious Bell's Oberon Ale), I realized that it was time to put another bug in your ear about them.

Give these tracks a spin. If they move you, put some SDQ in your collection. You won't be sorry...

Dinner on the grill. Mmmmm.

The Sir Douglas Quintet – She's About A Mover

Dinner on the plate. Tastes better that way.

The Sir Douglas Quintet – Be Real

Buds along the fence line

The Sir Douglas Quintet – Nuevo Laredo

My dog is a big SDQ fan

The Sir Douglas Quintet – Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day

Bell's Oberon Ale. Extra delicious with a slice of orange.


Life is good.

For more about Doug Sahm, check out Groover's Paradise

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