Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pick Guitars, Fill Fruit Jars...

Hey folks, head over to For The Sake Of The Song to check out my guest post about Jambalaya.

And here's a bonus version:

The Blue Ridge Rangers (a.k.a. John Fogerty) – Jambalaya (buy album)


Greg said...

Outstanding! Guess what we are having for dinner? (I need to dig up a few extra jars.)

John W said...

Theres a great video on Daily Motion also You Tube but longer version on Daily Motion of Ray Charles, Jerry Lee lewis, and Fats Domino doing Jambalaya with Paul Schaffer conducting.

On the 'Unreleased Recordings' 'Mother's Best' Hank does a couple of Mullican songs, and mentions him in the intro to 'Cherokee Boogie'.