Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Brave & The Bold: 4 Bruce Covers

I love cover songs.

And I used to love "The Boss." One of my all-time favorite concerts was his July 30, 1984 show at the Joe Louis Arena. I thought I had seen my rock'n'roll future that night... But that kind of faded over time.

Apparently I wasn't the only one under the spell of Springsteen in the mid-1980's. A college buddy recently showed me some pictures from a house party we had back in 1986 and I couldn't believe how many kids were wearing denim jackets. Probably a fashion side effect of Bruce fever, even though we were all listening to "Tim" or "The Queen Is Dead" by that time.

Anyway, while I grew out of my Bruce phase a long time ago, he is an undeniably great songwriter (case in point: the flowing, poetic lyrics of Thunder Road). So, in honor of July 30, 1984, here are four random Springsteen Covers.

First, is a song that is everything a cover song should be: A superb new rendition of a great old song that is completely different than the original. Enjoy Tortoise and Bonnie Prince Billy playing: Thunder Road (buy album). I really love this one.

Second comes one of my favorite cover songs of all-time. Check out Frankie Goes to Hollywood's energetic take on one of the Boss' biggest hits: Born To Run (buy album).

Third, is an oldie but a goodie. The Hollies mellow groove really fits this early Springsteen track: 4th Of July Asbury Park (Sandy) (buy album).

Finally, just to keep the Emmylou love flowing, here again is Ms. Harris in all her glory: Racing In The Street (buy album).
What is your favorite Bruce cover? Leave a comment.

(I'll start: One song I would love to post, but don't currently own is The Reivers' version of Atlantic City, another brilliant Springsteen song.)


Kristin said...

I don't know that I have a favorite Bruce cover, but that was one of my favorite concerts (Holly and I went with you and your friends). Remember waiting all night for tickets at Village Record and Music? Good times.

Yellow Dog said...

I love The Band's version of "Atlantic City" off the Jericho record.

Paul said...

Kris - I DO remember that! Great fun. Now I stay up all night writing blog posts!!

Yellow Dog - I don't have the record, but will have to check it out. Atlantic City is a great song.

davesap said...

How about Reason to Believe by the Beat Farmers?

Paul said...


That's a good one. (When I get the special turntable that will allow me to rip an mp3 from vinyl, I'll put it up.) It would be kind of cool to make a mix tape of all covers from the Nebraska album. I'm pretty sure every song has multiple cover versions.