Thursday, November 08, 2007

Another Favorite of 2007 - Peel

One of my happiest musical finds of this year has been the Austin, Texas indie-rock band Peel and their self-titled album. It's hooky pop/rock with a bit of a reckless edge. I hear some Pavement and Pixies influences in there. Anyway, it's good stuff well worth a listen.

They don't hold anything back on these two tracks:

Sliding Doors

There isn't a whole lot to read about Peel on the Internet, which surprises me considering how good this record is. Check out their MySpace page here. And go buy the album "Peel" if you like these tracks. The whole thing is solid.

And speaking of Pixies, please enjoy this delicious track from way back in 1987: I've Been Tired (buy album).