Thursday, February 12, 2009

From The Skiffle Files: The Road To Ride

I'm in the mood for a skiffly-sounding train song this morning. I guess that calls for a ride on the Rock Island Line. I've heard Cash's version a few too many times. And Lonnie Donegan's famous recording of the song kind of feaks me out. (Maybe it's because Lonnie sounds so much like the jailer from Cool Hand Luke?). So let's go with this version by The Knitters.

It's a gas:

The Knitters - Rock Island Line (buy album)

Oh, what the heck, here's a dramatic reading from Johnny Cash:


Anonymous said...

Doesn't get any better! Good Golly Miss Molly, STWOF is the best thing I've ever found! Thanks for making my www experience worthwhile.

Paul said...

Thank you sir or ma'am!

Greg said...


The Knitters: yes!

You made my day.


Vaughn said...

The Knitters are WAY cool. They probably brought more hipsters to Country music than Gram Parsons. John Doe singing "Silver Wings" is sublime.
Speaking of sublime, have you seen Marty Stuart's book COUNTRY MUSIC?
It's awesome, fortunately for my wallet I got it as a gift.

Paul said...

I haven't seen Stuart's book yet. But if you want to write a review, I'll post it here.

Kent said...

My favorite version of this song is by Dan Zanes, of the Del Fuegos.

Dan Zanes - Rock Island Line

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Marty Stuart, I saw him play a solo show in July of 2007 in which he did a very fine version of Rock Island Line. I'll also echo two sentiments of previous commenters: Marty Stuart's book Country Masters is beyond swell! and I love the Knitters version, John and Exene could sing lines out of the phone book and I'd be transfixed!

Cindy R.