Thursday, September 25, 2008

The last piece of the Gram puzzle (and a case of honky tonkitis on the side).

Whoa, I’ve been away for quite awhile by STWOF standards. (Been busy listening to Bob Dylan’s entire catalog and trying to look important at work.) Anyway, here is the last song needed to complete your collection of the original versions of songs covered by Gram Parsons:

Carl & Pearl Butler – We’ll Sweep Out The Ashes (buy)

I just recently picked up this Carl & Pearl collection called A Family Affair. It's great. Pure honky tonky goodness. (The album also has a few tracks from Johnny & Jonie Mosby.) Check out this Carl & Pearl track, which is a re-recording of the “hit” version that I’m used to hearing. I think I like this version better than the original:

Carl & Pearl Butler – Honky Tonkitis (buy)

Boy, they sure don’t write ‘em like that in Nashville anymore. Just listening to it gives me a wicked case of honky tonkitis.

For more about Carl & Pearl Butler, see Geezer Music Club and AMG bio.

And for good measure, check out these guys:

Two Dollar Pistols – Honky Tonkitis (buy)

Hopefully I'll be back soon...


S.M.Vidaurri said...

Look at those suits.

tipper said...

Gotta love those suits in the photo and the hair! Just stumbled onto your site-very neat.

I feature music on my site each week in my Pickin' & Grinnin' in the Kitchen Spot-if you have time-hope you'll check it out at

Ramone666 said...

Great find Paul, I´ll try to track down this album too. Funny to find out that Gram & Emmylou stay so close to the original btw.

Paul said...

Good point ramone666, Gram pretty much made a carbon copy.

Beth said...

Another class post, Paul. We love Two Dollar Pistols over at Lonesome.