Wednesday, March 05, 2008

House Of The Rising Sun - Joan Baez, Bob Dylan

I heard this song on my snowy ride home from work and it really blew me away how good it is:

Joan Baez – House Of The Rising Sun (buy album).

At the time of this recording, in 1960, Joan Baez was only 19 years old! What an incredibly powerful and mature voice to be coming from a teenager. I really love her take on this song and the rest of the album too.

Here's another entertaining version of the same song from Joan's folk-singing pal, Bob:

Bob Dylan – House Of The Risin' Sun (buy album).


Neil Cake said...

Thanks for that. I recently wrote a piece about Bob's version of that song, as compared to the Animals' version - specifically how Bob takes on a female persona and Eric Burdon sings from the perspective of a gambling man. I haven't heard the Joan Baez one before though.

Hari said...

The entire album (Joan Baez, 1960) is wonderful; check out John Riley & Mary Hamilton. Just dug out a radically different version of Rising Sun by the Be Good Tanyas -- whose Waiting Around to Die was the first version I heard. Thanks for the heads-up on the Townes Van Zandt original. Just a stunning song.

Ben Etc said...

i thought i was so clever when i wrote a song called 'love is a four letter word' but someone told me since that joan baez did one. but i am terrified to hear it esp since i heard it was written by a guy called dylan.

am i missing out?